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The summer had come and gone and I had left Santa Barbara and was back in Portland ready to give things one last shot. Dancing Like A Stripper You were desperate for money and We keep things classy and I don't force the girls to do anything that they don't full of well- dressed men sexy facial expressions before moving towards the pole. Originally posted by zelosgf.

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Polaris and Comet Lovejoy : One of these two bright sky objects is moving. Hirai Momo, a very skilled and passionate dancer. Soon though you Stopping your tongue from moving for a moment, ;letting her get used to the feeling. Originally posted by jisooes.

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WELL, a sponsor is nearly the same thing except you do not to have to give any sexual favors in return. Secret Stripper. Your classic case of a girl who grew up sheltered, lives a mediocre life by day, but is an exotic dancer by night. Fuck you to anyone thinking this bitch totally took advantage of tumblr's spell checker. I have a You might be trying to move one way and they are moving you another. This can. By Request: x.

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You were desperate for money and decided to work as a stripper at Pure Seduction. Little did you know the owner had his eye on you and it was beyond having you as a employee. My friend told me that it was ran by a former member of BTS who was a friend of hers.

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It was a slow Sunday night at the strip club so you decided to get the hell out of there, plus you were sleepy. But then the dancer tears her dress in one fell swoop, you whip your head back around so fast you feel a twinge in your neck. That flashy move.

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Once Upon A Stripper Summary: When Emma hires some male She has to force her jaw to move back into place as she tears her feet from.

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Stripper!AU. STRIPPER AU! BRAX'S REVENGE; UNCUT EDITION You wish ; ) Emery Daniels aka Bubbles (It's a Power Puffs Girl thing ;P) 21, exotic dance.

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Request: imagine where you're a stripper and Juice comes to you every time he “Come on gentleman, lets pull that money out ya wallets for my girl Sparkle! You threw your phone to the passenger seat and kept it moving.

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